10 Super Human Food That You Can Give As Your Dog Food

Are you a pet owner and concern about the food habit of your pet? Are you feeling afraid about their health? You can make your pet healthier, active and spontaneous by providing them healthy and hygienic food. But the next question is what type of food you should give your pet? Can you share your food with them? Does there any dog food which is the same as human food?

For example, I am a very emotional pet owner. When I eat some delicious meals or snacks and my puppy just plays around me, I can’t resist myself sharing my food with him. There is nothing wrong with this habit. There is no problem with sharing your regular food with your pet. Though some human foods are toxic to pets, you should know which foods are suitable for them.

You need to give your dog pet foods like canned food or semi-moist food by maintaining a diet chart. But there is nothing wrong if you want to add some variation in your pet’s meal. You can share some of your meal items with your pet. In this article, I will write about some human food that you can share with your dogs without any doubt.

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10 Healthy and Common Human Food You Can Share with Your Dog



dog foodWhite rice or brown rice, both can be a part of your dog’s diet. White rice powder is one of the major ingredients in many commercial dog foods. The pet owners like rice as their pet food because it is easy to digest. You need a very short time to prepare this food. So why not share this most common food item with your puppy? 


Sweet Potato

Sweet PotatoDo you know that dogs like sweet-flavored food? So sweet potatoes can be added to your pet dog’s meal. It will add some variation in their food habit. Sweet potatoes are a natural source of energy. It also contains lots of vitamins and minerals and fibers. There is nothing wrong with giving this human food to a dog. It will improve your pet’s vision and physical strength.



PumpkinIt is another sweet flavored vegetable that your pet likes most. Pumpkin has many health benefits. Pumpkin in the regular meal will help your pet during constipation and diarrhea. So add some fresh cooked or canned pumpkin with other foods and they will be thankful to you.


Green Beans

Green BeansGreen beans are rich with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers. It contains low calories. So you can easily add some green beans to your dog’s regular diet chart. You can serve it as raw or steamed food.



CarrotsIf you are looking for affordable and healthy snacks for your dog, then carrot should be your first choice. Both fresh raw and cooked carrot can be served. They have a lot of vitamins and improve the vision of your pet. Another interesting fact is that by chewing raw carrots, the teeth of your dog will be stronger.



OatmealMost dogs are very sensitive to digesting wheat or other grains. So oatmeal can be the best option to meet their need for carbohydrates. Oatmeal contains linoleic acid and lots of fiber which have many health benefits. Linoleic acid can make the skin healthy. Fibers help to regulate the glucose level in your dog’s blood. Containing low fat and calories also suitable for maintaining a proper diet. You can add some peanuts, apples or any other healthy food items while cooking oatmeals for your dog.



AppleApple is a very nutritious fruit that contains fewer proteins and high fibers. There is also a rich amount of vitamins A, C, K, and antioxidants. So it can be a healthy summer human food for your dog undoubtedly. Feeding apples to your dog thus can reduce the risk of cancer, joint diseases, and dental problems. But you need to know the proper way of serving apples to your pet. You can serve it as raw fruit or can make a delicious smoothie with apple and some other healthy ingredients. But the seed and core of the apple are harmful to the dog’s health. You should remove the core and seeds and then cut the apples into bite-sized pieces.



BananasBananas are the most common natural source of potassium, magnesium, and vitamins ( Vitamin B6 and C). These elements help the bone growths of your pet. But banana peels are very hard to digest. So don’t give the peels to your pet. Due to containing lots of fibers, you should not give them a huge quantity of bananas every day. Having lots of bananas may cause constipation and other complexity to the dog’s health. So consult with a veterinarian and discuss before giving bananas to your loving puppy.




My puppy really likes the cheesy flavor a lot. Most of the dogs love to have some cheese in their snacks. But some dogs can’t tolerate cheese or other cheesy foods. So before giving it to your pet, make sure that they can digest it properly and also love it. Now let me tell you about the advantages of adding some cheese to your pet’s regular food. Cheese can make your dog more energetic, active and spontaneous. But remember that cheese contains a lot of fat. So eating too much will increase the weight of your dog. Having too much cheese also can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea. So you can add a very low quantity of cheese to your dog’s everyday meal.  



PopcornDo you want a weekend movie night at your sweet home with your loving puppy? So why not share your popcorn with him? Yes, there are no problems with giving popcorn as snacks to your dog. But remember, you can give them only raw, plain, air popped popcorn. Additives like salt, butter, and other toppings can cause serious problems to your dog’s health. Don’t give them the popcorn that you prepare for yourself with many other ingredients. 



Though pets can be our best friends and are playing around us all the time, we want to give them food from our plates. There are no problems with this habit. You just need to know which human foods can be suitable for your dog and which aren’t. You should also maintain the right quantity while adding all these elements into their meals. Enjoy your dinner with your puppy after a long working day will be really refreshing. 

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