12 Best Aquarium Fish For Beginners

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Fish are lovely pets that you will love and appreciate for their attractive colors. Please take a look at some of the most beautiful types of aquarium fish for beginners and learn more about them.

12 Best Fish for Beginners

The fish is one of the best creatures in the world. If you’re a nature lover, you ‘re going to like to play with the fish. If you want to get a pet fish to make yourself happy, then I have to say that this article is going to help you.

Check out our list and learn about the best aquarium fish for beginners; it will help you choose the best one.

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1. Common Goldfish

Common GoldfishCommon goldfish does not differ from its living ancestors. It’s a kind of goldfish, actually. These types of goldfish are social creatures that like to live in groups. Common goldfish are available in different colors such as blue , red, white / red , orange, black / white, white / yellow.

They eat more carbohydrates and feed less protein. Goldfish love to eat vegetables, Spirulina algae, Repashy Super Gold, etc. A lot of pet lovers want to put their goldfish in outdoor ponds. Even in adulthood, they would love this kind of fish.

Primary care of goldfish: There should be enough room for the goldfish to swim all around. Always clean the fish tank and the fish and put a lot of water in it.

2. Tetras

TetrasSmall, freshwater and characiform fish are tetras. It’s a very popular fish to have.

Tetras always feel safe to huddle together. Tetras are very well on this list with other communities and rasboras. They live mainly in rivers and streams. The majority of tetras are grown on Color Flakes, Aqueon Tropical Flakes, Shrimp Pellets and Tropical Granules.

Requirements for Tetras: Secure with an aquarium cover to prevent them from jumping out if they feel threatened or scared. They provide a steady stream if they feel unsafe.

3. Betta fish

Betta fishBeginners love betta fish because they are small in size, multiple colors and have simple care requirements. Their mates are corridors, tetras, and other quiet animals; please avoid any fish that might endanger their beautiful wings.

They like frozen bloodworms, betta pellets, and other small floating foods.

Special care: They like to jump out of the water, so be sure to get an aquarium hood to limit escape.

4. Rasboras

RasborasRasbora is only part of the Cyprinidae family. They are endemic to freshwater habitats in SouthEast China and other parts of SouthEast Asia. 

This fish makes a group of the same type of rasbora, and they will create a striking display in your community tank.

Food details: they eat colored pieces, shrimp pellets, tropical granules, and tropical flakes.

5. Corydoras

CorydorasIt’s a part of the freshwater catfish in the Callichthyidae family. The species has more inhibited endemic areas than other callichthyidae.

Make a group of three or six of the same species; you will enjoy their naughtiness.

Special care: you must feed them with a variety of nourishing foods to confirm their nutrition.

6. Barbs

BarbsA barb is one of the most diverse species of ray-finned fish. Barbs always make action-packed improvements to any community tank. It’s mostly three to four inches tall.

The most popular varieties include Odessa barbs (Pethia padamya), cherry barbs (Puntius titteya), and tiger barbs (Puntigrus tetrazona) are the most popular.

Care requirement: Choose the best tank mates to include corydoras, rasboras, and tetras. Stay away from your long-finned fish barbs like betta fish and angelfish.

7. Catfish

CatfishYou know the most exciting part of this fish? You may think that Catfish can sometimes look pretty similar, but they are one of the most diverse fish families.

These fish are noticeable for commercial value as most of the larger species are farmed and fished for food.

As food: Catfish eat different kinds of food. Catfish is a famous food in the southern United states.

8. Cichlids

CichlidsCichlid is a very famous freshwater family and has a wide variety of species. All the cichlids have a bunch of parents who pay attention to their eggs and fry. This cichlid ranks high on a survey of fish with tons of personality.

Many cichlids, especially tilapia, are important food fish. The family also has a number of famous freshwater aquarium fish managed by hobbyists, including discus, oscars, and angelfish.

Best things to know about: Although cichlids are small to medium-sized, they are notable as game fish and food. Cichlid can live for up to 10 years.

9. Rainbowfish

RainbowfishThis is definitely one of the best aquarium fish for beginners. They are dual dorsal fins, and bright colors set them apart from other freshwater species.

Rainbowfish are available for hobby on farms in Florida and South East Asia. It’s produced to make a profit.

Neon Rainbow, Boesman’s Rainbow, Axelrod’s Rainbow, Wanam Rainbow Lake are in the same group. Red Rainbow, Lake Kutubu Rainbow and Madagascar Rainbow are also part of the same group.

9. Platy

PlatyThey are colorful, peaceful and easy to breed. You ‘re going to love keeping this beginner-friendly fish!

Platy is the common name of freshwater fish in the Xiphophorus family. There was no “sword” at the bottom of their tails.

These fish can be kept in aquariums. Its species has many color variations, such as blue, red, orange and yellow, rainbow (a combination of colours), and white. Platies have different eating habits, and they’re going to eat most of the omnivorous community food you throw at them.

Important note: You can keep them as solo fish or as a group.

10. Bolivian Cichlids

Bolivian CichlidsBolivian is the best beginner cichlid in South America. The Bolivian rams are the same as the fish-keeping hobby butterflies.

They can make a group with any community fish that meets the same requirements. There’s a wonderful and complicated story about the Microgeophagus, too.

Appearance: These fish are fully colorful adult specimens that shine with all kinds of rainbow shades. The large eye is dominated by the presence of these beautiful fish.

11. Kuhli Loaches

Kuhli LoachesYou’re going to feel surprised or excited because Kuhli Loaches look like little 4-inch snakes. These fish tend to be a bit shy. Often they want to hide behind the scenes.

Kuhli Loaches is one of the best fish for beginners. It’s an outstanding cleaner fish, and I have to say that this one is the right one for you. It’s the fish out there.

Human treatment: You need to take care of feeding them and not making them hungry.

12. Angelfish

AngelfishThey are renowned for their lovely striped pattern, distinctive fins, and beautiful form.

Angelfish can grow up to the size of a small saucer. Rare variations such as koi, marble, angelfish cover, and zebra.

They like to eat all sorts of small fish. Often they wanted to eat whatever was right in their mouth.

Requirements: It’s better to hold them in a gallon of 55. The tall aquarium is the best place for it.

Caring For fish: Final Thoughts

What do you think? These are all the best aquarium fish for beginners. So, you can take them back to your house. The fishes can work as great aquatic pets. 

Take care of your fish, remember to clean the tank at least twice a month, and feed it properly; it will give you much satisfaction and happiness.

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