Best Cat Breeds For Kids And Why They Are The Best For Children

Cats will make an excellent companion to any family that wants to introduce a pet to their household. Although accepting a cat from any shelters is certainly one of the best choices, it’s also important to learn about the best cat breeds for kids. That is because a lot of families might also choose a purebred kitty at home.

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Choosing The Best Cat Breeds For Kids 

Often, it can be very difficult to assess, with small children, which cats would be the most cautious. Thankfully, some breeds do better than others, in general. Check out this list below if you are beginning to think as to which purebreds make the perfect pets for kids.

Abyssinian: The Best Playful Cat Breed



Abyssinian life never gets boring. These busybodies are constantly on the prowl, extremely enthusiastic, insatiably curious and charmingly amusing unless it’s time to eat or to sleep.

This fox-like feline is an athletically gifted breed, common among families. You will find them jumping and bounding around the building, meaning that any valuable items must be placed out of reach.

It is an affectionate breed that loves to play, climb, and gain attention. This would be pretty much all that kids do. So, that helps make these cats a great friend to your children. They have a rather friendly attitude towards youngsters, because of their patient nature and intelligent mind.

They are great friends for babies since by definition they are affectionate, trusting, and playful. It’s very well explained by their behavioral characteristics that these animals are amongst the best cat breeds for kids.

Affectionate, supportive, and people-oriented, this type of cat is better suited for families with kids from the ages 6 and above.

Maine Coon: The Largest Best Cat Breed For Children

Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon Cat is the feline world’s “gentle giant”.  In addition to being identifiable by their massive size and long hair, they are also known for their humorous nature and very easy-going personalities.

You aren’t going to have to think about a fragile Maine Coon cat. This big guy (or girl) could weigh up to 20 pounds and also has a fuzzy coat that is long.

This adapts to all personalities and for both humans and even canines which appears to do well. The flexibility this cat offers would attract children who want to train the cat to do tricks or leash train it for walks.

These cats are hunters who are particularly perceptive. They are the biggest domesticated cat breed, exhibiting signs of adoration and attachment to their owners, making them as being among the best cat breeds for kids. Maine Coons are indeed the best to own, because not only do they grow incredibly close to their owners but they are also very loyal to children.

Manx: The Best Purebred Doglike Cat Breed

ManxThe Manx, a tailless breed, is enjoying time with people and making it their role to become a part of your day. I like a good chase game too.

Assign a Manx cat to your home and there’s never going to be a boring moment! These enthusiastic dog-like cats love burying toys, playing fetch and are intrigued by water.

The Manx requires a strong level of engagement, so it calls for plenty of focus and playtime which is great for engaging families! Others compared their temperament to that of a puppy, as they were known to hide and dig up toys such as canines.

They are a very playful breed and will establish with their family a very close-knit relationship, showing them enduring loyalty. The Manx exists for both short and longhaired forms, thereby requiring a little extra grooming for those with longhaired.

The Manx could also be counted as the sweetest and affectionate amongst the best cat breeds for kids. We enjoy being around fellow human beings. Manx cats are adaptable, sweet, and even-tempered, making for perfect family pets.

Burmese: The Best Human-Oriented Cat Breed

BurmeseThe Burmese cat is amongst the most human-oriented breeds making the ideal family pet. This gentle, polite breed thrives on human touch, so, of course, it delights in lots of affection, attention and endless cuddles!

Burmese cats have almost a doglike, friendly and easy-going personality. The frisky, mischievous disposition continues far into adulthood. In years to come, Burmese cats will act as playmates in youngsters.

While they may be quite an energetic and alert breed, they are quite gentle and child friendly. This means that the two are sure to make an excellent pair!

We have a certain playfulness that you will always look for when you look at the best cat breeds for kids. The Burmese is a sturdy cat that still maintains its sleek looks. This energetic and smart cat loves human company and would do well with a child. Especially if that kid continues to practice to teach him new tricks.

Often known as the breed Burmese stays long into adulthood like kittens. We are also “opinionated,” and when we don’t want to do something, they can show their not-so-nice side.

Persian: The Calmest And Quiet Cat Breed For Kids

PersianThese charming kitties are a rather docile and relaxed breed, frequently mistaken for a stuffed toy, known for their smooth, squishy faces and spectacular long coats!

They are * the most * common cat breed, mainly because they are so beautiful and because of their pleasant personalities. It often takes a bit of time for the Persians to warm up to a new setting.

However once they calm down a little, even if you reside in a more chaotic place, they will be super happy in your home. You need to clean them regularly, but it is worth it.

Among the best cat breeds for kids, the Persian cats are pretty prevalent. This is not only for their distinct cute faces but they’re also very calm but also playful. Persians long for human companionship and are known to be compassionate with spirited children.

They are not the most energetic breed, but they’ll enjoy a quiet indoor life. These cats prefer lapping their owners with plenty of love and attention. They make a wonderful pet for quieter children, because of their very calm and quiet nature.

Final Thoughts On The Best Cat Breeds For Kids

Though it is known that these types of cats are a safer option for all those families with kids, that doesn’t mean they will simply take a pet. Unlike other species, each cat possesses its own personality (despite its biological makeup). Children should also be taught the best ways to treat a cat or other pet.

Children who are allowed to pull, poke, catch, or in some way cause pain or harm (even to the most delicate-natured of the creature) are likely to get scratched or bitten eventually. Let’s do our pets and children a favor by showing them how to lovingly and respectfully value and treat all living beings.

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