10 Friendly Domestic Birds- Find The Right For You

Most of us are indeed looking for a dog or a cat as a pet who can provide the best companionship. But a bird can be more amazing as a pet. If you are now thinking about why you choose a domestic bird rather than a dog or cat at home, then many reasons can be given. Birds are the most affectionate and need less care. They are also very inexpensive to maintain. You don’t require a large space for them. They can add colors to your life by singing or copying your speech. Many domestic birds can make fun with you and so on. Now I want to suggest to you 10 best friendly and amazing domestic birds that you can bring to your home.

10 Friendly Domestic Birds



Macaw is one of the most attractive pet birds. Because of its amazing colourful feathers, beautiful long tail, and curved nose, people fall in love with them at first sight. The Macaw is the long-lived and also the most intelligent bird. These birds are vocal and very friendly so one can train them easily.  But these birds are called “high-maintenance” pets because they need a lot of intercommunication. If you decided to have a pet and invest significant time in it then Macaw is a very good option for you.

Pigeons as a Domestic Birds


If you are looking for a loyal, intelligent, friendly, and peaceful pet bird, then Pigeons will be the best option for you. These amazing birds can easily adjust to your household routine. A pet Pigeon requires a well-sized room to move comfortably. You have to spend enough time cleaning the floor of their room regularly. You can also keep them in a sufficiently larger cage so that they can move easily. They are also comfortable with other pets in your homes like cats or dogs. Because of their emotional nature, they naturally need your company for a long time. If you don’t have sufficient time then you can bring another pet bird with whom your pigeon can spend a good time.



Budgerigar as a pet bird is really amazing. Do you know what is the speciality of this bird?

They have the magical ability to imitate your speech. These small and colourful birds can bring colour to your mind too. They are very friendly and social birds. They like to stay outside and play with other budgerigars. So, you may need to keep them in a group, not alone. They also like human interactions. So if you want to have a pet for your kids, then Budgerigars should be your choice.



Parrots are known for their intelligent behaviour, talkative nature, and loving attitude.

You should remember that parrots are wild animals. So they do not feel comfortable inside your home without proper care. Though they are very social in nature, you need to give them proper company and attention. If you do not properly take care of them both mentally and physically, they will willfully hurt themselves. You should clearly know that a parrot must need proper nutrition and a balanced diet. They need fresh water and hygienic food. You can serve them various fruits, nuts, boiled eggs as supplementary food.

Sun Conure

Sun Conure

Do you know your pet can be a great source of entertainment for your whole family?

Yes, Sun Conure can act like a genius “comedian”.  The bird is known for its funny activities and goofy dance steps. They are intelligent pets and you can say them “good-mannered pet”. The bird is pretty, vocal, and very expressive. This bird is one of the very popular pets and is generally available in every pet shop.



If you are wishing to have a pet bird but are afraid of taking care of it then

Finches are the right choice for you. They do not require much time and care from the owner. They can not talk but like other pets, they like social interactions.

Love Birds

Love Birds

Love birds are the most interesting and also beautiful among all other pet birds.

They are very easy to handle because of their tiny size. These birds are known for their affectionate nature. But there is a traditional wrong conception that love birds can not live alone and you need to buy them in pairs. A love bird can live alone without another bird in the cage if you can spend sufficient time interacting with it. You need to manage a large rectangular cage for your love bird. They need at least 10-12 hours of night sleep. So you need to cover the cage properly during the sleeping hour. Though love birds are very active, they need lots of toys to make themselves busy.



The cockatiel is another favourite domestic bird and known for. its amazing colours and patterns.

They really show very mature behaviour. You can keep them in your apartment and they will live without disturbing other members in your home. They don’t make any unnecessary noises. Cockatiel as a pet is friendly and affectionate but like other pets, they also like to be touched. You need to bring them out of the cage while watching tv or reading books.

Song Canary as a Domestic Bird

From the name “Song Canary” can you guess their special ability?

Yes, they have a very sweet voice and amazing singing ability. They are also attractive because of their stunning colour and small shape.

The ring-necked dove

The ring-necked Dove should be your favourite pet if you are a busy person and have less time to interact with your pet. This bird really needs very low maintenance. They have a sweet voice and are adorable for their friendly nature. 

So, now you may not be confused about having a domestic bird as a pet. Just have any one of these birds and show love to them. I assure you that they will return your love with their affectionate behaviour. A heavenly environment will create in your home when they sing a sweet song for you

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