How To Build Confidence In A Dog-5 Suggestions For You

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When you bring a dog to your home as a pet, the environment is completely new to him. Your family members and neighbors are just like strangers to him. So naturally, he feels scared and uncomfortable. Probably he will behave fearfully always. The dog commonly shows some symptoms that means he is feeling insecure in the new place. Back ears, always shaking his body, trying to hide, etc. are some common signs. how to build confidence in a dog? In this situation, you just need to take some attempts to remove the fears from his mind. Otherwise, he will lose his level of confidence gradually.

Remember, a spontaneous, active, and cooperative pet dog is such a blessing. If your dog has a lack of confidence, he will never cooperate and will rather disturb you.

5 Tips to Build Confidence in a Dog

So are you upset with your dog? Are you looking for how to build confidence in a dog? Want to grow his confidence level again? Then this article is for you. I will suggest something to you that can boost the level of confidence of your adorable puppy

1. Try to Remove the fears from Your Dog

Firstly, you have to accept the fact that you can not remove all the fears about your dog’s mind overnight. You need to take short steps. The confidence will grow gradually. I have a very effective and also sweet idea that I tried when my pet Alis came to my home for the first time. I told all of my family members to give some favorite foods or toys to my pet when they met him for the first time. The fears start from your home actually. Your first attempt should make your dog comfortable with your family members. So when all of my family members gave food and toys to my pet as welcome gifts, it was really making a better impression in his mind. Alis was never afraid inside my home because he knew the new faces were not so scary, rather very friendly.

2.Introduce Outside

Secondly, your next step is to remove the fear of the outside world from your pet’s mind. This step is quite tough. There are lots of new faces and also new areas. So how can you remove the fears? Take small steps, I already mentioned it above. Take your pet to a nearby park. Don’t try to introduce too many people to your pet within a day. There is no hurry. On the first day of the outing, sit with your dog at a corner of a park. Let him observe other people and pets from a distance. Notice his reaction carefully. Some dogs are so spontaneous that they don’t need grooming to accept new faces normally. If your dog behaves like that or willing to play with other pets, then you are lucky. But you notice that the pet is scared, don’t let him go in the midst of the crowd in the first week. But take him to the same park every day. Let him feel that things around him are not so scary. Then let him play with 3 or 4 new pet friends. After two weeks, make his circle larger gradually.

3. Try to Build Friendship with Other Dogs

Thirdly, try to find a friend for your dog. It is really effective. Maybe there is a pet dog in your neighbor’s home. Introduce that dog to your puppy. Let them play in the playground for a few hours every day. This is a very natural way of learning. When another dog is trying something new in front of your puppy, he also wants to try this. For example, he can learn to interact, learn to play, learn various body movements, etc from his friend. This type of interaction with a friend can boost your dog’s confidence effectively. 

4. Give him Inspiration by Treating Food

Fourthly, my next suggestion is to apply the “less achievement big award” formula. Take your pappy with you while you go to a super shop for weekly shopping. You can also take him while going to the pet shop to buy his regular food. If he acts normally in front of so many people and does not disturb you, give him a delicious treat. Give him his favorite food so that he can realize that he achieves it for his gentle behavior. It’s nothing but inspiration. The next day he will act politely and don’t get afraid when going to a market or a crowded place. This simple attempt can also boost his level of confidence.

Final Word

 I want to say, you need to give sufficient time in the first few days to build confidence in a dog. After bringing him to a new place from the breeder, observe his behavior carefully. Almost every pet feels insecure in a new environment. Another reason is emotional instability like depression, anxiety, etc. Trauma, Illness, etc can be other reasons behind this problem. So, identify the proper reason for his abnormal behavior and lack of confidence. Then try to find a solution in your own way. Give sufficient time and effort. Try to socialize him. Don’t try to be overprotective and never punish him much. When they gain much confidence, he can be your best and most cooperative friend.

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