How To Feed A Baby Bird: Easy Steps And Techniques To Follow

Knowing how to feed a baby bird can be a daunting task, especially if you try for the first time. You usually don’t know the particular baby bird’s diet. In this article, I will show you some essential comprehensive ways so that you can feed a baby bird without any hassle.

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Identify Which Species The Baby Bird Is From

How To Feed A Baby Bird

In order to decide what a bird wants you first have to find out what kind of bird it is. The Internet has made it even simpler for us. Using the coloring, height, form, and beak form of the bird is our best indicator of their identification. There are several online resources that are available to assist with the identification.

 Admittedly, knowing how to feed a baby bird is a difficult task, when the baby bird has not grown any feathers yet. Common sense is most often our best key to identifying newborns. Take note of birdlife in the Local. It can be very helpful to remember which birds are most common to the region where the baby has been found. If you already have made a decision on the options, then the only thing you can do is study each of the choices to determine which of the breeds are most likely.

 Figure Out The Age Of The Baby Bird

age of bird

While it is important to understand the type of bird you have for its feeding, some birds are insect eaters and some are seed eaters, they all eat virtually the same thing in the first weeks.

 Nutrition of egg yolk (without white) made by mixing with a small amount of water just hatched out of their shells, will give it much of the protein which it needs to survive the very first stressful removal from Mother. Mash a tiny amount of bread into the mixture (dried and then crushed to a granule), forming a smooth, coherent gruel will offer it some of the bulk it needs as well.

 No matter what many say, it is NOT recommended to combine the bread and milk. No bird can survive to have to drink milk. Being drinking milk is not only harmful to a bird, but it can also be indigestible and detrimental to the bird’s survival. It gives the best results to try and remain as close to what Mum will feed her young.

Learning How To Feed A Baby Bird

baby birds

If you see a baby bird that needs attention but you can’t get in contact with a bird or wildlife rehabilitation service, it’s crucial to know what to feed a baby bird which will have enough nutrition for its natural diet.

 Although each wild bird has a different diet, where appropriate, many types of food will serve as emergency rations. Around the same time, recognizing that baby birds also have different nutritional requirements than adult birds is important, and foods that you would usually feed garden birds are not suitable for young fledglings.

 Good foods that you could feed:

  •  Dog or cat kibble (moistened)
  • Moist dog food
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Raw liver (no seasoning)
  • Dog biscuits (moistened)

 What NOT to feed baby birds:

  •  Bread or bread products
  • Kitchen scraps
  • Water
  • Worms
  • Whole birdseed
  • Pet bird food
  • Milk

Don’t Feed The Baby Bird Bread Or Milk

Baby birds are at risk from milk and bread. Many people often make a vital mistake of trying to feed those.

In addition, milk is not a crucial component of the diet of baby birds unlike mammals, and they’ll never tolerate that. And bread will not provide calories necessary for the baby birds to survive.

The Techniques And Equipment You May Need

You need to be very careful about making sure of how to feed a baby bird. You may use plastic forceps and a pair of tweezers. If you have none of them, a narrow chopstick will help you feed them efficiently.

 Take a little bit of food with the forceps or tweezers or even a pair of chopsticks to feed the baby birds and place it into the baby birds’ mouth.

 You have to worry about the food which goes into the glottis of birds. And if the food goes the wrong direction it will immediately shut down.

 If the baby’s mouth doesn’t open, tap the feeding tools gently on its beak. You can also wipe the food from around the edge of the beak, to signal the birds to eat. If the mouth of the birds is still closed, force her to open it gently.

 Keep feeding for as long as the baby bird is willing to open its beak or begins to refuse the food. Don’t overfeed the baby bird.


A Note Regarding The Use Of Commercial Foods

There are several baby bird foods mostly on the market, some also come in with how to feed a baby bird instructions. Mash made of different ingredients suitable to the type of baby bird you see in your care is easily accessible in many other pet grocery stores. Recall matching the mash mix with the best birds breed that you are raising. Bug eaters and seed eaters need some kind of mash.

Final Thoughts

Always do your best. Sometimes when they fall from their nests, they are injured, hurt by predatory animals or just too frightened and shocked to stay alive. Most of those younger ones don’t survive, so never blame anyone. Not only can nature be magnificent but it can also be vicious.

 The only approach we can do as animal-loving humans is to give the best possible chance that we can and pray for the best. Start educating yourself, love them, take care of them with all your skills, and trust that one day you will be able to set them free to their life in the skies. 

 Remember above all that have to know how to feed a baby bird should only be applied as a measure of emergency. When a baby bird is lost and needs treatment, it should be transferred as soon as possible to a bird rescue agency or professional rehabber.

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